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Movement is more than exercise. 
Business is more than numbers. 
Let me help you redefine success. 


I am so glad you are here. I'm Laura, a movement coach, business mentor and success coach. 


My first job out of college was managing a Pilates studio. Up to this moment, I had never heard of Pilates and had no regular workout routine. To say that Pilates quite literally changed my life is an understatement.. Learning about movement, my body, and all the abilities I never knew I had opened new possibilities in my life. 

Since 2011 I have worked all around NYC and Brooklyn at small boutique studios and at Equinox, as an Instructor, as a Manager and as a Business Integrator. I am a diversely-educated movement trainer and practitioner. I utilize Pilates, mobility and strength training to live life more fully and support others in doing the same.


I have empowered others all my life from working in direct care of the disabled, to a movement coach, a birth doula and a mentor for other wellness entrepreneurs. I am a lifelong student sharing everything that I embody and learn with those around me to make a bigger impact on lives.


My mission is to empower people to reimagine what success can look like within their bodies and their lives. 

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