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Hey there! 

I'm Laura, a recovering overachiever, hustle addict and corporate burnout survivor. 

I have been hustling most of my adult life. I thought it was normal to work two jobs and a work-study to make it through my Pilates certification. I also thought that by becoming a fitness professional, I was going to be leaving those hustle days behind. Little did I know that the "rise and grind" mentality was so deeply rooted in me that I would carry it through the first 8 years of my Pilates career. 


I had done it all the "right" way. I got hired by multiple studios and eventually landed a hot spot at a luxury fitness club, worked with high-touch clients at the top of their industries, got raises and promotions. On the outside I was thriving, successful. Inside, I was burning out, making myself physically ill and ruining my relationships. The best thing that could have happened to me finally did: I was asked to resign from my management position and THAT is when my life really started. I started my coaching business and quickly gained clients and opportunities to enhance productivity systems with multiple studios around NYC.

Deep down, even before I resigned, I knew I needed a change but I was struggling with imposter syndrome, I struggled with believing that I knew enough and questioned whether I could be successful enough to be sustainable. I knew I needed direction, and I invested in the first of many business coaches and it totally changed the trajectory of my life. I knew that I could share all that I have learned with other entrepreneurs, new, aspiring and seasoned - to believe they could live a life that they wanted. 


Here is the thing: you can design the life and business you want without having to sacrifice your relationships, without having to give into grind culture and without burning out. Is being an entrepreneur easy? Hell no! Is it scary sometimes? TOTALLY! Can you design a business around the life YOU WANT instead of living your life around your business? ABSOLUTELY. It comes down to systems that work for you and breaking down the limiting beliefs that hold you back from doing what you want to do. I am here to show you how!